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White Elephant Booking Information
What kind of events do you book for?
What do you have in mind? We've done birthday parties, outdoor festivals, large and small cons, art shows, benefits, variety shows, radio programs, writing conferences, and much more!

Contact us with a description of your event, what you're looking for, your budget, and we'll be happy to discuss options with you!

How do I book the White Elephant Burlesque Society?
The White Elephant Burlesque Society is always looking for new places to perform. Use our contact form to get in touch with directors Viktor Devonne and Femme Fae la Butche with questions and inquiries regarding our availability.

What can I expect from a performance?
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Holly Ween
WEBS can and has prepared shows ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours long. WE is willing and able to tailor performances to the needs of your event. Our shows generally include striptease, live singing, comedy, dancing, and sideshow elements. Generally, our shows are considered 18+ but WE is prepared to discuss other restrictions and work within them if we have enough notice.

Our burlesque troupe is a family of unique performers who bring their talents to the stage whenever and where ever possible. WE has a wide variety of styles, so feel free to request genres, specific music, or act styles. While WE can't guarantee WE'll be able to do it, WE definitely will try!

How much does it cost to book White Elephant?
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That depends entirely on what you're looking for and where your event is located. Generally, we ask for:

• Performance fee to be negotiated at the time of booking.

• Passes to the event. We usually have 5 - 10 people involved, including performers and tech.

• Stage area of at least 6x6. If you can do a runway, WE promises to work it!

• Lighting. It doesn't have to be a crazy lighting rig (we won't object if it is, mind you!) but enough to make sure that the performers can be seen by the audience.

• Sound system that it compatible with either an iPod (preferable) or a CD. Microphones can be negotiated, depending on the size and location of event.

• Seating for a crowd of at least 20 people, and more depending on the event.

• A secure changing room/area that is easily accessible from and close to the stage.

Depending on the location and duration of the event and the performance(s) you're looking for, these things may also come into play when booking WEBS:

• A hotel room for every four performers booked.

• Tip hat and/or merch table to sell shirts, books, etc.

• Travel/food stipend depending on the location of the event.

Are you available for any other event activities like panels, workshops, or demos?
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Mm Jinx
Because our core troupe is comprised of performers with a wide variety of experiences and expertise, WE is happy to discuss options other than just show performances.

Sample topics include:
Burlesque Tips & Ideas
Burlesque Costume Prep
Developing Signatures
Who Are You? Create Your Burlesque Persona
Fetish demos (contact for specifics)
Fetish Burlesque - Safety & Chemistry

Tell us what you're looking for and WE'll let you know what WE is able to do!

How can I contact/book an individual performer?
Most of our troupe members and special guests have a Facebook page linked to from their bio on this site. If the performer you'd like to contact doesn't have a direct link, or if you'd just like to send us more love, use our contact form and WE'd be glad to forward your message to the performer.

Do you accept donations?
Yes! Time, money, costumes, props,'s all lovingly and gratefully accepted. The only caveat is that WE needs to know what and how much generally at least a little bit ahead of time so we can make proper arrangements. Contact one of the directors to arrange a donation. Every little bit helps!