Silver Tusk Awards 2022: Digital Get Down 2.0

Silver Tusk Awards: All-Stars
Foxy Belle Afriq
2021 Entertainer of the Year
Voting for the 6th Annual Silver Tusk Awards -- Please use an email address to access your VOTE buttons! You may select up to FIVE categories per entertainer.

As is tradition in January, White Elephant Burlesque is hosting their 2nd virtual edition of The Silver Tusk Awards. Who qualifies? Thank you for asking. Those dedicated to the strip while we switched to online formats for the majority of 2021 known as the Digital Get Down, there are 18 categories that are open to the performers and entertainers that have appeared in White Elephant Burlesque productions, from virtual shows to podcast episodes to special online features.

You will vote the categories you want the performers to qualify for now, from December 1st to December 15th. You will then vote for your final nominees from December 20th to the New Year, with the winners announced in the digital award show in January (proper date TBA).

Contest period: 11/30/2021 - 01/02/2022

There are 101 categories to vote for. They are:
Abby Fantastic
Abel Rey
Amazing Brettzo
America Online at
Amoxie Villain
Anja Keister
Audrey Love
Baron Atomy
Bastard Keith
Beary ManaTease
Beau Britches
Bella La Blanc
Betty Brash
Bitsy La Bourbon
Broody Valentino
C'etait BonTemps
Calamity Chang
Caza Blanca
Cherry Valentine
Corvette Le Face
Cream Victoria
Daphne Dumore
Desiree de Sade
Dick Jones
DJ Stormageddon
Dorian Bae
Eden Lost
Egypt Blaque Knyle
Ellie Favola
Ellie Quinn
Emma Zonn
Eric Jaffe
Esmerelda May
Fancy Feast
Faux Pas le Fae
Fem Appeal
Foxy Belle Afriq
Frankie Eleanor
GiGi Holliday
GoGo Gadget
Gwen Ruby
Hank E. Panky
Harlow Holiday
Helena Isis
Holly Ween
Honeytree EvilEye
Jack Barrow
Jackson Juniper
James and the Giant Pasty
Jane the Dame
Jimmie Swagger
Kirby LaBrea
Kita St. Cyr
Lewd Alfred Douglas
Lili VonSchtupp
Lottie Ellington
Lucky Charming
Lune Noirr
Maggie McMuffin
Margo Mayhem
Mary Cyn
Mia the MVP
Mike Monaco
Mimi Hurricane
Miss AuroraBoobRealis
Miss Violet Deville
Mone't Ha-Sidi
Monty Caldo
Muscles Monty
Oliver Swisskey
P. NoNoire
Rain Supreme
Raina Sinclair
Rara Darling
Regal Mortis
Renaissance Noir
Rita D’LaVane
Rocco Chanel
Samson Night
Seraphina Wilder
Soul Erotic
Stella Nova
Tas Al-Ghul
Teasy Roosevelt
Theydy Bedbug
Tiffy Twister
Tito Bonito
Tre da Marc
Trinity Starlight
Twinky Boots
Uncle Freak
Veronica Voss
Viktor Devonne
Viva Vidalia
Willow / Lilith Lore
Zyra Lee Vanity

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