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Deconstructing (WE)Burlesque

2nd Episode coming this fall!

White Elephant Burlesque has been providing seminars, roundtables, Q&As, and discussions with live audiences since 2012, and is providing it's first digital "Deconstructing (WE)Burlesque" series volume this July 2020!

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is an opportunity to see beloved acts* from performers in nightlife and get the story you never hear: where it came from, the story behind it, and some anecdotes surrounding the creative and procedural process.

It is vital to continue burlesque in a pandemic, as it has shaped and been shaped by world events. Please support these performers and this show by purchasing an online ticket.

You will receive a code to a recording, so there's no "get there in time," "something came up," to worry about. The video will be available for 72 hours for you to enjoy on your phone, tablet, desktop, or smart TV and you get the full-length act, and the conversation with it.

(* all performances featured are pre-recorded and from the artist's personal collection)

Please provide the email address you wish to have to link sent to AND specify the PayPal account you used to pay for it. We can't send links to email addresses that we cannot verify purchase.
Deconstructing (WE)Burlesque

The Cast of Episode 1

Deconstructing (WE)Burlesque
Broody Valentino... The Teddy Bear with Claws is an accomplished burlesque performer and producer, and multiple title holder, including the reigning King of New Jersey Burlesque Festival, Best Boylesque for the Golden Tassel Jawns of Philadelphia, and the Silver Tusk Award winner for Entertainer of the Year. He has been seen all over the country, and his work includes fan dance, exquisite signature costuming, puppetry, and achievements in construction and engineering.
Deconstructing (WE)Burlesque
Foxy Belle Afriq... This extraordinary artist celebrates her West African culture and status of a black woman creator in America. From her revelatory co-production of Untamed Burlesque to her masterful drag king character Uncle Freak (winner of the Silver Tusk Award for Favorite Newcomer 2020), Foxy has been providing art to stages online regularly since quarantine hit.
Deconstructing (WE)Burlesque
Iris Explosion... A neoburlesque favorite in New York City, Iris Explosion has been celebrated as an absolute naked weirdo for years. She is the title holder for the Beautiful Weirdo at Boston's Alternatease for just one of many lauded, ridiculous and expertly timed performances. A sex educator, actress, and host, Iris provides a seasoned perspective on nerdlesque, feminism in burlesque, and the proper use of plastic game board pieces discreetly hidden on your person.
Deconstructing (WE)Burlesque
Miss AuroraBoobrealis... An established dancer and performance artist, Miss AuroraBoobRealis has been knocking 'em dead as co-producer of Compost Bin, the radical political and queer-feminist showcase for performers of color. The winner of the 2020 Silver Tusk Award for Best Political Figure, Miss AuroraBoobrealis is an expert crafter of burlesque narrative, body movement, and theatrical energy,
Deconstructing (WE)Burlesque
Noctua... A Brooklyn club stage mainstay, Noctua is the "Empathy Smackdown of Drag and Burlesque" and a effective provider of energetic, heartfelt, and inspired performance art. From their noted appearances at beloved BK institutions such as Coney Island and C'mon Everybody, they are a purveyor of gender expression, smart pop culture reflection, and high camp.
Deconstructing (WE)Burlesque
Viktor Devonne... The Whitefaced Tornado, as dubbed by Tigger!, Viktor is celebrating 14 years as director of White Elephant Burlesque. He is a recent Southern California transplant, and was declared Mr Hollywood Burlesque 2019. For 5 years, he and White Elephant Burlesque held residence at Rockbar NYC. He also hosts the WEBurlesque podcast.