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White Elephant is BOOKING for 2014

Full Length Theatrical Shows - Cabaret & Club Performances - Workshops & Panels - Conventions, Theaters, Festivals
Steampunk & Neo-Victorian - Sketch & Photo Modeling - Immursive Theatre - Fetish - Spoken Word & Live Singing
Public Appearances - Comedy! Drama! Frivolity! - Ladies and Gentlemen - NJ, NYC, and Beyond!
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WE returns to the SPEAKEASY!  This time, it's bigger than ever.

Meet the cast of HESTER'S HAT RACK, the hottest gin joint on Gilman Street.

SPEAKEASY is Friday  at The Twisted World as the latest concept show from WEBS.

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White Elephant Burlesque's tribute to Batman's greatest foes from the Joker to Catwoman, Poison Ivy to Penguin, the Riddler to Harley Quinn and more!

Your favorite Gotham City Villains and Vixens will be on display for White Elephant's Saturday show at The Twisted World.

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Featuring the return of the SPEAKEASY, the event-exclusive VILLAINS OF GOTHAM CITY, and a classic WEBS revue, this is the place to be in March!


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Formed in 2006, the White Elephant Burlesque Society is here to entertain you!
Wherever there is an event that celebrates freedom, sexuality, bawdy humor, geeks,
salacious dancing, art – WE wants to be there!