Femme Fae La Butche

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The White Elephant Burlesque Society: Winging It.. The Buffalo Stance Workshop Showcase
The Alt Theater - Buffalo, NY

Show Information
• Sunday, 4PM-6PM ...
The White Elephant Burlesque Society: Winging It.. The Buffalo Stance Workshop Showcase
White Elephant has more shimmy for your gimme, and will spotlight the WEB stage debut of their workshop graduates. 2 full-length acts w/ Intermission. Hosted by Viktor Devonne, starring Regina Stargazer, Gretchen Violetta, Lilith Lore, Dolly Shot, Femme Fae la Butche, and Viktor Devonne; and featuring the graduates of WEBS' Buffalo Workshops.

WEBS offered a master class in start-up burlesque on November 10 & 11 at the Alt Theatre in Buffalo, NY.

White Elephant's divine professors shared with students their trials, tribulations, and triumphs in their six-year stint in burlesque and longer still time on stage and in the entertainment industry. Topics included technique, interpretation, and tricks of the trade so that the student--regardless of level of experience--could storm the stage with purpose and confidence.

Two graduates from the classes, Moxie D. Vine and Tigress performed with White Elephant on Sunday, November 11th as part of a larger variety showcase.

• hosted by The Alt Theatre Co
• red ties: Michael, Emet

Course Schedule
This is a Teaching Class: If you would like a chance to try your hand at some of our suggestions, dress for success. We recommend button-down shirt and skirt or pants that are easy to take off are easy ones. Sexy underwear that you feel good in, and present your best self. Corset or bustier if desired/owned. Men: your Sunday best. Shoes that make you feel sexy and match your outfit. Some accessories provided.


The Working Burlesque Performer:Getting Started, Getting the Look, Getting the Shows
WEBS will present--with some tantalizing demonstration--the ins and outs of the modern Working Burlesque Performer, glamorous warts and all.