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Viktor's Nightmare at Wicked Faire 2013
Doubletree of Somerset - Somerset, NJ

Show Information
For their 5th year in a row at Wicked Faire, White Elephant Burlesque brought to life the words of the Immortal Bard in their latest concept show Shakespeare's Nightmare. Taking the characters from Shakespeare's beloved plays and putting them in a multi-era context brought a curious and exciting entry in the WEBS collection.

Also on the agenda for the weekend, WEBS performed a revue that led up to Shakespeare's Nightmare featuring material from their previous Wicked Faire-exclusive concept shows. The show, Viktor's Nightmare, gave the protagonist haunting visages from some of WEBS' murkiest material.

also featuring: Kurgan, Crimson Destine, Bridget Rose, and C. Hamuel Smythe