Iris Explosion

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White Elephant Burlesque at RockBar NYC 4-5-2017
Dramatique: The Celine Dion Show

Show Information
door: Spiced Cider
drinks: Jason, Joey
sounds: Cream Victoria
kitten: Oliver Swisskey
#gogogivesback: Seedy Edie, proceeds benefiting Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Greater New York Chapter

Notes from Viktor:

This was one of my favorite shows we've ever done, to be honest. On the surface, burlesque to Celine Dion could have gone terribly, terribly wrong with one badly constructed camp act after another, because some individuals may think the song will do all the work for them. I knew the cast would turn it out; I hand-picked them, knowing that they would turn out finished and complete acts to some of the most dramatic music ever. Indeed, every act was a standout -- I really appreciated the commitment, and the range. What was funny, was hysterical, what was sad, was devastating. It was fantastic.

Iris Explosion and Tiger Bay are both New Yorkers with established, well-known acts that they do regularly, set to Celine's music, so they were obvious choices. They also happen to be some of my very favorite acts. Iris' Titanic act and Tiger Bay's abominable snowman piece could not be more different, but they were perfect seasoned additions to a show otherwise bursting with made-for-the-theme performances.

Winner of our Silver Tusk Award for Most Darksided, Nyx Nocturne bumped and grinded in night with a zombie "I'm Alive." Munroe Lilly and Seedy Edie both provided grace and beauty in their balladry. Esmerelda's enchanted rose routine tugged at the heart, while Carriage Return's bellydance flair knocked us out. We were soothed by Florence D'Lee's passionate lip sync (and surprise boob pops), and couldn't keep our breath when Broody Valentino and Mr. Lee VaLone took on some of Celine's fiercest slow burns.

I took on a deep cut; I wanted to perform an act to a song that wasn't in regular radio rotation-- 1998's "Us," which was a song I lip-sync'd in my bedroom at home for weeks at a time when the album Let's Talk About Love first came out. I was also thrilled to lip sync "The Reason" with Florence D'Lee, straight from VH1's Divas Live with the Celine/Carole King duet to begin the evening.

Of course, keeping us all together was Oliver Swisskey as our stage kitten.

Florence was a terrific co-host, and I couldn't be prouder at the quality of that show. Encore!