est. 2006
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White Elephant Burlesque at RockBar NYC 7-5-2017
Horror in July! (and Jason's Birthday)

Show Information
guest host: Florence D'Lee
stage kitten: Broody Valentino
drinks: Joey and Jason
sounds: DJ TatMatt
door: Betty Brash

WE represented our favorite spooky and horror references from movies, theatre, and television.

Holly Ween - Scream & the Alien franchise
Florence D'Lee - Darkness Falls
Jack Barrow - Sweeney Todd
Fem Appeal - It
Viktor Devonne - The Shining
Logan Laveau - Twin Peaks
Matt Knife - Friday the 13th series
Jason Romas - Trick 'r Treat
Regina Stargazer - Misery
Oliver Swisskey - Human Centipede
Esmerelda May - The Craft