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Lillian Bustle

Lillian Bustle
2019 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  nominee: Foster Parent of Burlesque
 •  nominee: The Nicest Kid on Town
 •  nominee: The Protest Stripper

2018 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  honoree: WEBurlesque Family
 •  nominee: Chanteuse Supreme
 •  nominee: The Sweetheart

2017 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  winner: Viktor's Best Friend Race
 •  nominee: Rising Star
 •  nominee: Social Justice Burlesquer

Lillian Bustle produces the monthly Jersey City Burlesque showcase, Speakeasy Burlesque, at Talde's Miss Wong's Lounge.

Lillian first joined White Elephant Burlesque for a winter holiday spectacular, and became a sought-after regular participant with White Elephant Burlesque at RockBar NYC Wednesday nights.

Outspoken, strong, and delightful, Lillian has captured the hearts of many through her hosting, vocal chops, and strong conviction in her performance. Her signature routines are so diverse, she is just as known for being hilarious (Turducken), poignant ("Yes!" as performed at Alternatease and the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival), and unapologetically glam ("Ladylike," her classic screw-you to perceived femininity).

Lillian Bustle
Lillian Bustle on YouTube
Her TedEx Jersey City talk is available on YouTube, known as "Stripping Away Negative Body Image." Widely shared, the TedEx talk incorporates commentary on burlesque, body positivity, and the media's role in self esteem and representation.

Lillian began producing burlesque shows at Miss Wong's Lounge in May 2016, and guest hosted White Elephant Burlesque later that year, in September.

Lillian can also be heard on The Body PosCast, a semi-weekly podcast that she co-hosts with actress and YouTuber Liza Poor, which can also be be found on iTunes.

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Search Results: 17 ShowsDisplaying 1 - 9 of 17 Shows
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