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Wicked Faire 2010: The Mad Tea Party - Somerset, NJ

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On the heels of the successful first concept show The Candyland Brothel in 2009, the White Elephant Burlesque Society looked to the works of Lewis Carroll for inspiration of their next concept show. As it has been adapted many times, WEBS saw to revisit Carroll's classic literature pieces: 1865's Alices Adventures in Wonderland and 1871's Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

From Tim Burton to Walt Disney, to American McGee to Steve Allen, everyone has a different immediate image in their head as to what Alice they grew up with or prefer.

For WEBS' approach, Alice is portrayed as a young woman reaching maturity and proving to herself that she deserves to be a "Queen." The metaphor of ascension to an unseen throne is paramount to this version of Alice; she meets several individuals along the way and they and their situations can all can be boiled down to readymade archetypes:

• the monster under the bed of a young child (the Jabberwocky)
• the mean girl (the Red Queen, who is noticeably absent from the other Queens' court)
• the bad boy (the Cheshire cat)
• experimentation with drugs and religion (the Caterpillar sequence)
• violence (Tweedledee and Tweedledum)
• depression (The Dormouse)
• sexual awakening (The Mad Hatter)

Further, Alice overcomes adversity repeatedly. She learns and takes on from the people she meets, and while she may not translate (and the audience may not either) these as lessons, they all bring her to the path of "royalty."

As to not torture the audience with well-drawn After School Special treacle, the cast of WNDRLND provides these broad statements with fun, drama, and striptease.

Special guest Scarlet Stepford took on the role of the Queen of Hearts for this show, and Bastian Geige played the Dormouse. Also featuring: Crimson Destine as the Duchess.


"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There" written by Lewis Carroll
Adaptation by Viktor Devonne
Stage Management by Michael Stueber
Produced by the White Elephant Burlesque Society
"WNDRLND CRNVL" directed by Viktor Devonne and Femme Fae la Butche


stagehands: Michael, Kurgan, Crash