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Pianos Bar - Bloomfield, NJ

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Hosted by Regina Stargazer, featuring the White Elephant Burlesque Society
Benefit for heart transplant for Bryan Indergrund
Pianos Bar - Bloomfield, NJ


Bryan Indergrund, 26, was diagnosed in 2004 with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a disease in which the walls of his heart became thick, making it harder for it to pump. Since last August [2010], he had been on a heart transplant list. He was featured in an article in the Verona-Cedar Grove Times on May 5 [2011] about his experience blogging while he was waiting for the organ.

from Regina Stargazer:

Three months ago, I was blessed with a new job that contained amazing people, namely Bob and Jen. Bob sent me a link to his brother's blog and told me a bit about his situation. Upon reading about what Bryan and his family are going through, I felt the need to help out.

It wasn't a new year's resolution, not was it a karmic obligation. I just felt that Bryan deserved it. So I gathered my confidence and booked the venue. Jim Morrison once said in Wayne's World, "If you book it, they will come."

Being already part of WEBS, I asked them if they wanted to play. I sent them Bryan's blog and they were touched. They told me they were honored to play for such a cause. I also asked the lovely Starfish Darling to sing her heart out (pun intended) and Millionaire Superstar Dan Avery to open up the show and give us a couple of cool tunes to kick off the night in the bar.

I don't know Bryan personally. I don't know his family with the exception of knowing Bob and Jen for 3 months. All I know is that I'm sick and tired of telling people, "Oh I wish I could help," when I feel there is nothing I can really do. So I just did it. And having you here in honor of this amazing man means the wish is granted. Thank you.

The cause for Bryan's heart transplant raised more than $500. Bryan received his successful heart transplant on May 11, 2011.

Bryan's story can be read about here.

also featuring: Hamburger James, Starfish Darling
hosted by Jayson Mustachio

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• special thanks (via Regina Stargazer): Melissa and Bill from Pianos, Evie and Brian, Bob and Jen, Sasha and Frederick, Smiths Detection, InComm Conferencing
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