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White Elephant Burlesque at RockBar NYC 9-5-2018
Viktor's Broadway Birthday (Act 2)

Show Information
special guest: Petra Fried
crew: Beau Britches
host: Viktor Devonne

host: Viktor Devonne
kitten: Holly Ween

Petra Fried performed an hour-long drag cabaret beforehand, plus made an appearance in the WEBurlesque set.

Show represented:
Viktor Devonne - The Threepenny Opera
Petra Fried - The Last 5 Years
Ula Uberbusen - Oklahoma!
Esmerelda May and Holly Ween - Catch Me If You Can
Vada James - The Little Shop of Horrors
Seedy Edie - My Fair Lady
Baron Atomy - Spamalot
Lillian Bustle - On The Town
MiscAllaneous DomTop - The Rocky Horror Show