Munroe Lilly

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White Elephant Burlesque at RockBar 5-2-2018
The Other Franchises Strike Back

Show Information
In honor of our regular Wednesday show being just far enough away from May the 4th, our annual Star Wars show was preempted for THE OTHER FRANCHISES STRIKE BACK.

• Holly Ween represented the Terminator and Alien series as the terminator robot and as the Alien Queen
• Esmerelda May represented the Firefly and Doctor Who series as River and as a Dalek
• Munroe Lilly represented the X-Men series as Storm
• Tiger Bay represented the the Harry Potter series as Professfor Trelawney
• Regina Stargazer represented the Resident Evil series as a zombie scientist
• Sarah Tops represented dinosaur fandoms as a triceratops entering the ice age
• Viktor Devonne represented the Guardians of the Galaxy/Avengers series as Groot
• Anja Keister represented the Star Trek series as Spock

host: Anja Keister
stage crew: Broody Valentino
door: Precious Envy