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The Dead Sexy at Wicked Faire 2012
Somerset, NJ

Show Information
February 17-19, 2012 - Wicked Faire
"The Dead Sexy Hotel" + 2 variety shows
Doubletree Hotel - Somerset, NJ

Wicked 2012 was so named "Halloween: Welcome Home" by the organizers, and Viktor's project of a haunted hotel was finally realized since there seemed no better opportunity but to bring ghosts front and center after a few years of vampires, zombies, witches, and werewolves being the leading spooky figures in pop culture.

"The Dead Sexy Hotel" took on the Gilman hotel, a fictional location that was created for WEBS' entertainment purposes. The entire show took place at this location, even aided by a press conference led by Viktor and Fae and hijacked by the ghost Denise. This show blurred the lines between burlesque re-enactment of never-happened events and theatrical haunting. Indeed, no setlists were provided, and instead a history of the hotel was provided to the audience, as to not give them any clues. This mystery was to be figured out on their own.

This will not the last time you'll hear about the Gilman, so keep your eyes and ears open for that.

In addition, WEBS performed 2 variety sets of spooky and ooky numbers, many never seen before.

also featuring: Horatio Sidebottom, Crimson Destine, James Hatton, Sabine Lionheart, Eric Heffel, and Riley Connor.


- While the show was conceived before the directors had ever heard of it, they openly acknowledge having visited the McKittrick Hotel in New York City provided to them divine inspiration. It introduced to them new songs that burrowed into their subconsciousness and demanded to play out on stage. The masks used by the stagehands in the Dead Sexy production were modified guest masks from the New York run of Sleep No More and were used with the utmost of reverence.

- The spoken word for the Gilman radio edit was provided by Micah Edwards

- At this same event, Viktor also performed with This Way to the Egress and PT Grimm. Holly Ween and Esmerelda May also performed with Geek Girl Productions. Lilith Lore had her storytelling sessions.