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Alice Tatters

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The Inventor's Workshop at The Steampunk World's Fair
Piscataway, NJ

Show Information
The Steampunk World's Fair featured two different sets (both on May 19) on from the White Elephant Burlesque Society, in addition to their appearance at the interactive theater "Goblin Market."

WEBS performed a new concept show entitled The Inventor's Workshop, which told the story of titular character (Viktor Devonne) and his failing family dynamic as he buries himself in working on unusual, provocative, and eventually dangerous beings that he sells off one by one.

The song "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" flickers on, as the household prepares for another day in the workshop. A music box figurine (Anyanka) is brought on to set the tone, but is quickly sold off.

The Inventor's daughter (special guest Little Lucy) brings her ragdoll (Alice Tatters) to her father in hopes that he will fix the item. After a demonstration at the not-quite-right behavior of the doll, the Inventor dismisses his daughter and hopes a hula hoop will distract her while he tinkers on. Despite her best efforts to impress her dad with her hooping, the Daughter eventually gives up and sits and watches her father work.

The Inventor's Wife (Femme Fae la Butche) attempts to speak up, but is shushed by a Singing Mechanical (special guest Ellie Favola) who assures her that it's just part of the Inventor's nature and that she should be supportive. The Wife is at least temporally dissuaded from arguing with her husband.

A line-up of different beings commences, starting with a sensuous Porcelain doll (Gretchen Violetta), moving onto a twisted Jack-in-the-Box (special guest Esmerelda May), the retro beach fashion doll Sallie (Betsy Radical), a curious army man (Dolly Shot), and the unsuspected pile of stuffed animals (Holly Ween).

Suddenly, an alarm goes off. An incomplete prototype (Virus) emerges and scares the Inventor's Daughter away. While the prototype is sent away, another unexpected doll arrives who begins innocently enough as a housewife-like figure (which bothers the Inventor's Wife) who eventually turns murderously jealous for the Inventor.

The Inventor's Wife considers staying, but admits herself that she needs to leave if the Inventor is going to continue on as he does. She walks out, following after their daughter.

The Inventor presses on in his workshop, until he cannot stand it anymore. He cracks under the pressure of his work and the abandonment of his family. He rediscovers his daughter's ragdoll and mends her. The ragdoll performs properly, to the delight to his daughter, who has returned for her. She is followed shortly by her mother.

The Inventor welcomes his wife to a dance, uncertain of their future, but knowing that they have a road ahead of them that they must face.

starring in order of appearance:
- Viktor Devonne as the Inventor
- Femme Fae la Butche as the Wife
- Little Miss Rollerhoops as the Daughter
- Anyanka as Lyric
- Alice Tatters as the Ragdoll
- Ellie Favola as the Singing Mechanical
- Gretchen Violetta as Porcelain
- Esmerelda May as Springs
- Betsy Radical as Sallie
- Dolly Shot as Admiral
- Holly Ween as Patches
- Virus as 6740-1-V-626
- Anyanka as Brittany

Stagehands: Michael, Kurgan, Hero Kitten, Oliver

Special thanks: danielle, Tim, Blondie, Leah, Steve, and the extended staff of Red Falcon, Micah Edwards, Matt Perosi, Amanda Rieth, Circuit Six, Cherry Fairy, The Staff and Volunteers of the Steampunk World’s Fair, Caran and Aristotle and the folks of the Goblin Market, and the people who inspire us every day.

- All of the creatures' names are unsaid during the production. Virus' persona in the show was named after the CAS registry number for ketamine, the first letter of the name Virus, and the experiment number that represented Walt Disney's genetic monstrosity Stitch, 626.


Friday, May 18th: The Goblin Market: The Goblin Market reopened after a successful premiere at 2012's Wicked Faire. Familiar faces with unfamiliar names and talents greeted the audience, as they made their way through this combination marketplace, vaudeville sideshow, and theatrical labyrinth. The Carnival Obscura brings you one-on-one with the denizens of the Market, all of whom are after cherished treasures that you possess... but don't worry, you'll give those up willingly and without financial loss.


Gretchen Violetta, the enchantress who will ask you to sit for a short stay, with curious rewards...

Dolly Shot, an off-kilter street urchin turned entrepreneur of the gutter...

Stella Umbrella (né Femme Fae la Butche), a faded child star who is launching a comeback any day now; she just needs a wise investor, and some willing audience members...

Madame Jinx, mystic to the downtrodden and exiled mistress to well-paid statesmen who should've listened to her advice...

Viktor Devonne, your guide to these curious figures, and who may provide a token for your trouble...