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WEBurlesque the Podcast #21
The Reigning Queen of New Jersey, Taradise

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Viktor Devonne speaks with the charming Taradise the day she returned from the Burlesque Hall of Fame, after closing out the weekender--and shortly after she snatched the crown at the New Jersey Burlesque Festival. Instead of her actually getting some sleep, she indulged us with a talk about her beginnings as a ballet dancer to cabaret vamp, her work with the House of Noire and working with some fierce co-stars, solo burlesque, and her story as a body double for Margot Robbie!

... topics: NJ, the Fame School, dead stare, ballet body and the arabesque, Black Swan, callbacks, "your one way ticket to Taradise," auditions, hand gestures and stillness, trademark bevel, choreography, the Gems, group acts, improv, BHOF, burlesque legends, Miss Exotic World, stocking peels, glitter crash, the Burlesque Museum, Dixie Evans, still to come, preshow ritual, tequila rocks 2 limes, solos, Apocalyptica to Swing, side hustle, stunt driving in Ghostbusters, going nude for The Wolf of Wall Street and Leonardo DiCaprio, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, connecting with people, advice for newbies

... recorded: June 5, 2018

... shoutouts: Lydia Vengeance, Ula Uberbusen, Broody Valentino, Vivi Noir, Nurse Bettie, Hotel Chantelle, Perle Noire, Poison Ivory, Pearls Daily, Tutu Toussaint, Lillin Lace, Bizzy LeBois, Dita von Teese, INGA, Rubberlegs, Lillian Bustle, Ginger Twist

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