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WEBurlesque the Podcast #22
DJ TatMatt: That's Not My Fetish; that's Just My Favorite Color

Show Information
Viktor Devonne talks with DJ TatMatt, who has been around with White Elephant Burlesque since its inception. He began work as our photographer and sound engineer, and is now our regular DJ at least 1/2 the year at our show in Rockbar. We talk his journey with WEBurlesque to his recent win as International Geared Up Pup 2018. TatMatt is a mentor in the human pup fetish community, which we also discuss.

... recorded: 6-25-2018

... topics: success, early beginnings, White Elephant Burlesque as a garage band, speakers, SalonCon, body art and tattoos, av club, adapting, trance music for a sex party, 136 bpm, squirrel night, dj wardrobe, surprise red connotations!, coming out, subsets of pups, psychology behind puppery, poster pup, kneepads at pride, moshing, Rockbar Rashomon, dj equipment, titles, handlers, pup evolution, puppy in public, responsible slut, depression, #showyourpill, PAH

... shoutouts: Libertine Ball, Femme Fae la Butche, Company XIV, Vonka, Matt Pupper
... keep up w/ @djtatmatt on all social media; you can find him as Matt Redding on Facebook

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