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WEBurlesque the Podcast #24
Because Rock n' Roll w/ Lee VaLone (pt 2)

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We resume with a second session with Mr. Lee VaLone and Viktor Devonne. We go into depth with his award-winning Gandalf act (2018 Burlypicks winner for Best Lip Sync) that pays homage to Lord of Rings via his trans identity, discuss his radical politics, and go over his calendar. Mr. VaLone, Mr. Coney Island 2018, produces his first show at Coney Island on July 21, 2018.

... recorded: 7-7-2018 ... topics: a needle in the cushion, dry shampoo, shaved head story, wigs, boy band era, meaningful act development, Scarlett Johansson, Gandalf as trans experience, intentionally too long, truest self, original research, clinging to stability, anarchist state, gender binary is capitalism, radical feminity, pride flags, trans flag, conservative drag and burlesque, radical queerness, a month for Lee VaLone: Beef Show, Yell Club, Wallbreaker, Sinner's Kit Kat Cabaret, Jump Shark, Dungeons and Drag Kings; Beef Squad

... shoutouts: Noctua, DJ Cheesecake, Lae D. Boi, Vic Sin, Anja Keister, Faux Pas le Fae, Aurora North, Jack Sullivan, MiscAllaneous DomTop, Qulams Galore, JJ Sparks, Devante Moore, Dave, Celia Foxglove, Ash Blight, Miss AuroraBOOBrealis, C'etait Bon Temps, God Complex, Vylette Tendency, Angelica Frankenstein

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