5th Annual WEBurlesque Awards

Contest period: 12/16/2020 - 01/02/2021

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There are 24 categories to vote for. They are:
Black Phillip (Achievement in Occult and Darksided Burlesque)
Clothes Horse Triple Crown (Achievement in Wardrobe, Dressing, and Costume Design)
Extravaganza in One (Achievement in Spectacle, Theatricality, and Pageantry)
Father Figure (Achievement in Nurturing, Caretaking, and Leadership)
Heart Wrencher (Achievement in Dramatics, Scope, and Emotion)
Hot AF (Achievement in Presentation of Desirability and Allure)
How Bizarre (Achievement in The Most Unusual, Surreality, and Wackiness)
Kitten MVP (Achievement in Stagehandiness, Setup, and Strike)
Most Put Together (Achievement in Hair Construction, Styling, and Cosmetic Perfection)
Pop Culturalist (Achievement in Fandom Burlesque, Cosplay Excellence, and Interpretation)
Princex Charming (Achievement in Charisma, Presence, and Strength of Personality)
Seriously Funny (Achievement in Comedy, Farce, and Slapstick)
Sex A'Peeler (Achievement in Raunch and Seduction)
The Altruist (Achievement in Congeniality, Kindness, and Generosity)
The Belter (Achievement in Live Vocal and/or Lip Sync Performance)
The Hoofer (Achievement in Dance Skill, Movement, and Choreography)
The Humanitarian (Achievement in Political, Social Conscious Art, and Activism)
The Punctilio (Achievement in Integrity, Originality, Freshness, and Attention to Detail)
[Digital Getdown] #HashtagExpert (Best Online Marketing)
[Digital Getdown] Funkiest Tweeter (Best in the Written Word - Across Any/All Platforms)
[Digital Getdown] Only Fawns (Best Content Provider - Across Any/All Platforms)
[Digital Getdown] Scorsese of the Small Screen (Best Online Production - Across Any/All Platforms)
[Digital Getdown] Web Cam Vixen (Best Online Performer)
[Digital Getdown] Zoomologist (Best Online Production - Across Any/All Platforms)