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Wicked Ithaca (October 1 and 2, 2010)
Wicked Ithaca
Promotional flier for the 3 WEBS shows for Wicked Ithaca
Wicked Ithaca brought WEBS to upstate New York to present a brand new, exclusive concept show and 2 variety shows.

For the primary concept show, WEBS took the theme of the event (the seven deadly sins) to heart and constructed an unholy scene within a glamorous hell, led by the Devil Himself (Viktor Devonne) and the denizens of the underworld.

The Devil Himself gave introduction (although he assumes he needs none), and each sin was given two different interpretations wherein a familiar face entices the participants to embrace their sinful behavior.

— Lust
Lamia Luxuria visited the confessional where a man of the cloth hears all she's done, and is invited to experience some new atrocities. Gretchen Violetta provides some tips in debauchery.

— Envy
Dangrrr Doll plays a forlorn caterpillar that wants to be like the butterlfy, but at what cost? Dolly Shot confronts her former lover, happy at last without with her, and comes to terms with her abandonment.

— Sloth
Holly Ween and Gretchen Violetta are two sides of the same sleepy vixen coin.

Madame Jinx steals all she can from a supposed unsuspecting mark, but learns that there is a price to everything. Femme Fae la Butche would give you the dress off her back for a little coin.

— Gluttony
Dolly Shot chows down; Holly Ween pays tribute to a Little Shop.

— Wrath
Dangrrr Doll plays the angry ex-girlfriend. Virus goes ballistic at reality television.

— Pride
Femme Fae la Butche celebrates her freak flag. The Devil Himself indulges in his favorite sin, and inevitable downfall--which leads to the finale where he is taken over by his very community of fallen souls.

The Devil provides an encore indicating perhaps it's all a cycle he's familiar with.

"WEBS in Hell"
    1. Viktor Devonne as The Devil: "Sympathy For the Devil"
        music: Guns n' Roses
    2. LUST - Lamia Luxuria, with Viktor Devonne: "Get Down, Make Love"
        music: Nine Inch Nails
    3. LUST - Gretchen Violetta: "Be Italian"
        music: Fergie
    4. ENVY - Dangrrr Doll, with Viktor Devonne: "Ritz 107"
        music: Fischerspooner
    5. ENVY - Dolly Shot, with Femme Fae La Butche and Viktor Devonne: "The Blower's Daughter"
        music: Damien Rice
    6. SLOTH - Holly Ween, with Motk: "The Laziest Gal in Town"
        music: Marlene Dietrich
    7. SLOTH - Gretchen Violetta, with Viktor Devonne: "I'm Tired"
        music: Madeline Kahn
    8. GREED - Madame Jinx, with Viktor Devonne: "Trust in Me"
        music: Belly
    9. GREED - Femme Fae La Butche, with Viktor Devonne: "Money"
        music: Pink Floyd
    10. GLUTTONY - Dolly Shot: "Cheesecake"
        music: Louis Armstrong
    11. GLUTTONY - Holly Ween, with Viktor Devonne: "Feed Me/Suppertime"
        music: Levi Stubbs
    12. WRATH - Dangrrr Doll: "Black Sheep"
        music: Metric/Brie Larson
    13. WRATH - Virus, with Viktor Devonne: "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes"
        music: Marilyn Manson
    14. PRIDE - Femme Fae La Butche: "I'm Beautiful"
        music: Bette Midler
    15. PRIDE - Viktor Devonne as the Devil: "Under My Thumb"
        music: Tim Urban
    16. Finale - The Cast: "Take it All"
        music: Marion Cotillard
    17. Viktor Devonne: "Those Were the Good Old Days"
        music: Viktor Devonne

Additional Shows... (click on the date to see the respective setlist)
Saturday (4pm)
    1. Madame Jinx: "Isaac"
        music: Madonna
    2. Femme Fae La Butche and Gretchen Violetta: "Bad Things"
        music: Jace Everett
    3. Viktor Devonne: "Teeth"
        music: Lady Gaga
    4. Dolly Shot: "Только с тобой (Tolko S Toboy)"
        music: Ленинград (Leningrad)
    5. Lamia Luxuria: "Little Piggy"
        music: Rob Zombie
    6. Femme Fae La Butche: "It's Oh So Quiet"
        music: Bjork
    7. Gretchen Violetta and Viktor Devonne: "Two Lost Souls"
        music: Gwen Verdon and Stephen Douglass
    8. Dangrrr Doll: "Twisted Transistor"
        music: KoRn
    9. Viktor Devonne: "Little Bird"
        music: Annie Lennox
    10. Lamia Luxuria: "Don't Need a Man"
        music: GWAR
    11. Viktor Devonne, Femme Fae La Butche, Gretchen Violetta: "Candyman"
        music: Christina Aguilera
    12. Holly Ween: "Trial By Fire"
        music: ThouShaltNot
    13. Gretchen Violetta, with Femme Fae La Butche, Dolly Shot, Jayson Moustachio, and Viktor Devonne: "Start Wearing Purple"
        music: Gogol Bordello

Saturday (9:30pm)
    1. Viktor Devonne: "It Was a Good Time"
        music: Liza Minnelli
    2. Femme Fae La Butche: "Inside Still Beats"
        music: Ellem
    3. Dangrrr Doll: "Dope Hat"
        music: Marilyn Manson
    4. Gretchen Violetta and Viktor Devonne: "Give"
        music: Tori Amos
    5. Dolly Shot: "Chocolate Jesus"
        music: Tom Waits
    6. Madame Jinx: "Öngyilkos Vasárnap (Gloomy Sunday)"
        music: Venetian Snares
    7. Holly Ween: "Burlesque"
        music: Mission UK
    8. Dangrrr Doll: "Let Them Eat War"
        music: Bad Religion
    9. Viktor Devonne: "Lilac Wine"
        music: Nina Simone
    10. Dolly Shot: "That's Not My Name"
        music: The Ting Tings
    11. Gretchen Violetta and Femme Fae La Butche: "Baby It's Cold Outside"
        music: Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone
    12. Holly Ween: "The Stripper"
        music: David Rose
    13. Dangrrr Doll: "Poison"
        music: Alice Cooper
    14. Femme Fae La Butche: "When You're Good to Mama"
        music: Femme Fae La Butche
    15. Gretchen Violetta: "Fuck You"
        music: Lily Allen
    16. Virus: "Ménage à Trois"
        music: Torrential Downpour
    17. Viktor Devonne: "Sexual Revolution"
        music: Macy Gray


Dangrrr Doll

Dolly Shot

Femme Fae la Butche

Gretchen Violetta

Holly Ween

Jayson Mustachio

Lamia Luxuria

Madame Jinx

Viktor Devonne


WEBS stagehand: Michael