GlimmerdarkThe Medicine Show

A man failing to spark inspiration is visited by the denizens of a traveling company, where he shall face seduction of the elements, the flesh, and the ephemera.

featuring: Broody Valentino  •   Lilith Lore  •   Esmerelda May  •   Hazel Tart  •   Holly Ween  •   Viktor Devonne  •   Quorra Vahn Tassels  •   Regina Stargazer

red ties: Oliver Swisskey and Triple Jay


All tickets and passes must be obtained by Glimmerdark directly.


About WEBurlesque: The White Elephant Burlesque Society, est. 2006, is a queer-operated, body-positive, hot-for-all-genders-inclusive troupe and production company, under the leadership of Viktor Devonne. Created to bring theatrical storytelling, character study, and Weimar cabaret influenced pathos to this brand of burlesque, WE is noted for longform theatrical presentations, delightful club shows with rotating casts, and unconventional convention entertainment. Celebrating its 10th glorious year, White Elephant Burlesque Society is a theatrical, fully realized inner circle of talented and ambitious burlesque performers. Each of them a headliner, WEBS members perform for audiences with an array of skill and talents. Our tongues are firmly in cheeks, our bosoms tightly in corsets, and our toes are a-tapping. We aim to bring the symbolism of freedom, joy, romance, sexuality, and theatrics that captivated the audiences of the original vaudeville and burlesque ages to the modern.

About Glimmerdark: "Glimmerdark is an unconventional Faerie Festival, one which welcomes EVERYONE from every world and genre! Rebel Faeries have left Fairyland and hired Jeff Mach Events to throw a hotel party unparalleled in all space and time!

What will you find? Well, when Faeries are loosed, they’re out to have a damn good time. So there’ll be amazing performers, music, storytelling, shows, our friendly Fae cast, workshops, games, panels, drinking, dancing, and vast amounts of revelry!