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WEBurlesque at RockBar NYC

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2006 Debuts
Betsy Radical
Femme Fae La Butche
Gretchen Violetta
Jayson Mustachio
Little Miss Rollerhoops
Viktor Devonne
2007 Debuts
Lily Stitches
Regina Stargazer
Wilhelm Ventrillo
2008 Debuts
Virus the Clown
2009 Debuts
Brian Viglione
Dolly Shot
Lilith Lore
Madison Bartholomew
2010 Debuts
Dublin O'Shea
Alice Tatters
Dangrrr Doll
Holly Ween
Murder Nurse
Crimson Kitty
It's A Little Stormy
2011 Debuts
Esmerelda May
Ellie Favola
2012 Debuts
Oliver Swisskey
Quorra Vahn Tassels
2013 Debuts
Fox Squire
Eddie Paradise
Eyrie Twilight
2014 Debuts
Mika Romantic
Grandma Fun
Matt Knife
Miss Cherry Delight
Reverend Mother Flash
Marinara Stardust
Lillian Bustle
Ms. Suki E.
2015 Debuts
Fem Appeal
Johnny Panic
Lucky Charming
Man-ee Champagne
GoGo Gadget
Jonny Porkpie
Lewd Alfred Douglas
Mr. Gorgeous
Akynos (The Incredible, Edible)
Essence Revealed
Sweet Lorraine
Vince V. Vice
Vivi Noir
Brief Sweat
Deanna Deadly
Bronze Bettina
Hazel Tart
Petra Fried
Pierre CorVair
Velvet Kensington
Dick Jones
Munroe Lilly
Dollface Dagger
Teddy Turnaround
Bambi Galore
Dick Move
Taylor Sweet
Tiger Bay
The Amazing Brettzo
Goldie Peacock
Iris Explosion
Carriage Return
Miss Poison Ivory
Apathy Angel
Nyx Nocturne
Suffra Gent
Hot Tawdry
Kita St. Cyr
Lefty Lucy
Rify Royalty
Mary Cyn
Jason Romas
Triple Jay
Diane Amore
Miss Liberty Rose
Betsy Propane
Clara Coquette
Attica Wilde
Velocity Chyaldd
Zelma Zelma
Lee VaLone
Vigor Mortis
Bella La Blanc
Xander Lovecraft
Anja Keister
Broody Valentino
Pearls Daily
Corvette Le Face
Cherry Valentine
Bettie Blackheart
Lux LaCroix
Dottie Dynamo
Tigre Violette
Lulu Limoncella
Petite Renard
Oh Danny Boy
Dolly Debutante
Leia Les Collines
Sincerely Yours
Tucker Bowles
Delysia LaChatte
DJ TatMatt
Charles Stunning
2016 Debuts
Scarlett Lace
Dottie Dangerfield
Private Tails
Logan Laveau
Jezabelle Von Jane
Mia Julep
Melody Jane
Divina GranSparkle
Mr. Rawunchy/Mistress Wolverinna
Seedy Edie
Sven Inches
Auralie Wilde
Tiny D
MiscAllaneous DomTop
Connor Michalchuk
Vera Safire
Magdalana Fox
Falana Fox/Billie Daze
Kheaven Jesus
Cassandra Rosebeetle
Cream Victoria
Edie Nightcrawler
Trick the Bastard
Olive Juice
Modern Artie
Tutu Toussaint
Ginger Rodger
Celia Foxglove
Rocka West
Faux Pas Le Fae
Sarah Tonin
Genie Adagio
Satine S'Allumer
Giovanna De A'Lamour
Johnny Caligula
Raina Bow
Sucre à la Crème
Spiced Cider
Dirty Devlin
Kevin Klash
Queenie O'Hart
Minnie D'Moocha
Bunny Buxom
Abby Fantastic
Jane Doe
Claude Kitten
Delilah Pipes
Galatea Stone
Baron Atomy
Miss China Doll
Minnie Crisis
Ginger Twist
Sweet N' Lo
Sparky Dacron
Amuse Bouche
Qualms Galore
Matt Dallow
2017 Debuts
Regal Mortis
Jeez Loueez
Jimmie Swagger
Wae Messed
Aurora North
Sharp Robert
Josh Schonewolf
Otter Chaos
Doll Body
Castor Bollocks
Amber Ray
Zyra Lee Vanity
Florence D'Lee
Maximum Capacity
Catrina Lovelace
Viva Vidalia
Stormy Leather
Sarah Tops
Precious Envy
Mina Minou
Danny Brave
Lune Noirr
Le Grand Chaton
Rosie Cheeks
Joseph CR Vourteque
Vic Sin
Chairmyn Meow
Lou Safire
Shirley U. Jest
Ruby Mechant
Jack Barrow
Buster Britches
Mary Widow
Cher Noble
Pris Matic
Ophelia Nightbird
Miss AuroraBOOBRealis
Mary Strawberry
Gigi Surreal
Renee Rebelle
Evelyn Tensions
Andy S'Nekkid
Divine Lola
Ms. Minty Newport
Maxxx Pleasure
Atticus Stevenson
P. NoNoire
Dis Charge
Holly Sinner
Betty Brash
Maggie McMuffin
Trinity Starlight
Prince Addams
Flippe Kikee
2018 Debuts
Rain Supreme
Topher Bousquet
Mister Twister
Gemini Blitz
Lydia Vengeance
Dickie Smalls
Madam Moselle du Cruax
Stella Nova
Madame Reap
Rara Darling
DJ Stormageddon
Veronica Viper
Lady Mabuhay
Cherrie Sprite
Scarlett Cerise
Riki Rath
Ellie Quinn
Sizzlin Liz
Luscious D
Icon Ebony Fierce
Ula Uberbusen
Saynt Von Dean
Rex Halligan
Lush Damage
Frankie Eleanor
Fancy Feast
Benji Bombay
Abel Rey
Penny Romanoff
Beau Britches
Bear Trap
Mx Macabre
Rita N. Wink
Francine the Lucid Dream
Danny Drake
Rio Darling
BB Heart
JZ Bich
Muscles Monty
Cypress Thrills
Audrey Love
Bold Hilaire
Rocco Chanel
Eric Schmalenberger
Sugar Mamasota
Nina La Voix
God Complex
Raina Sinclair
Sex Wolf
2019 Debuts
2020 Debuts
2021 Debuts
Performers ABC
Performers DEF
Performers GHI
Performers JKL
Performers MNO
Performers PQR
Performers STUV
Performers WXYZ

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