White Elephant Burlesque began as a neovaudevillian troupe in New Jersey as directed by Viktor Devonne and Femme Fae la Butche. WE was seen all over NJ and then expanding to PA, NY, and CT to provide storytelling though striptease. With a core case actors and dancers, WE became known for innovative concept shows with productions referencing Alice in Wonderland, a haunted hotel, Grimm’s Fairytales, the Seven Deadly Sins, video games, a mad toy inventor, and even William Shakespeare.

Under the direction of Viktor Devonne, the show transitioned to revues focusing on individual character studies and performances, from bar shows and clubs alongside the occasional longform convention mini-play. WE celebrated a five year residency at Rockbar NYC from January 2015-January 2020 and became hailed as a creative hangout for the newcomer, the initiated, and industry leaders.

In 2017, Viktor began the WEBurlesque podcast, highlighting the performers behind the strip as well as other denizens in nightlife. Another project, based on the 2012 Dead Sexy Hotel burlesque show, "2 Night Stay" began production in 2019 as a short story, flash fiction, and ghost story podcast featuring nightlife professionals.