Silver Tusk Awards 2017

The First White Elephant Burlesque Awards Ceremony was held on January 11th, 2017 at RockBar NYC.

Entertainer of the Year: Broody Valentino

As the performer who received the most votes by his contemporaries in all categories, Broody Valentino was honored as our Entertainer of the Year 2016 (to reign in 2017 because time is weird and a construct and this show honored 2015-2016 but took place in 2017...)

Life Sentence: Regina Stargazer, Holly Ween, Ellie Favola, Esmerelda May, Oliver Swisskey

Viktor Devonne honored the following with Life Sentence Awards, in recognition for their talent and devotion before, during, and after these 100 Shows at RockBar NYC.

Sister to WEBurlesque: Dick Jones

Viktor Devonne presented, at the Silver Tusk Awards, an honor to Dick Jones for her early support of WEBurlesque at RockBar and near-perfect attendance. She has been declared an inaugural Sister to WEBurlesque for her dedication to the success of our show.

Brother to WEBurlesque: Matt Knife

Viktor Devonne presented at the Silver Tusk Awards, an honorary award to Matt Knife, for his support of the show during its two years at RockBar NYC, and has been declared as its inaugural Brother to WEBurlesque.

WEBurlesque Visionary: Atticus

Viktor Devonne honored Atticus, our beloved photographer with the inaugural WEBurlesque Visionary Award from the Silver Tusk Awards - in recognition of his photography skills, and his work to enhance and capture White Elephant Burlesque at RockBar.


Our final award of the night goes to the performer we have deemed as "Most Epic."

It's the complete package. While there is no "Album of the Year" or "Best Picture" category in the Silver Tusk awards, these performers are our among our greatest assets on the stage. They bring it all, and they deliver it impeccably – and usually with a grand sense of theatricality, musicality, costume, and scenery.

They are the three-act plays of burlesque.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Broody Valentino, Clara Coquette, Fem Appeal, Holly Ween, Lee Valone, and Zelma Zelma
WINNER: Hazel Tart

Music makes the people come together. Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel.

The performers in this category are prolific for their music choices that go not only so well with their stage acts, but when you hear these songs on the radio or at the club, you think of them immediately.

And in many cases, you owe them a debt of thanks to exposing you to a track or artist you now can't get enough of.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Broody Valentino, Crimson Kitty, Esmerelda May, Lucky Charming, Petra Fried, and Regina Stargazer/Cream Victoria

RISING STAR: These are the performers who, in the last two years (or less), have upped the game for all of us.

Whether they are devastating us with their talent on stage, snatching trophies at festivals near and far, burning up the internet with viral video, popping up on just about every event post around time, or simply a sight to behold at every turn, these are household names-to-be.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Cherry Valentine, Lewd Alfred Douglas, Lillian Bustle, Munroe Lilly, Regina Stargazer/Cream Victoria, and Tiger Bay

If serving face was a crime, these performers would be serving time. From eyebrow to chin, cheek to lip, their makeup cannot be matched.

While all of these beauties have their way to express themselves, and have a heart and soul one cannot purchase at the MAC counter, we honor them tonight for their ability to take our breath away with their looks.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Crimson Kitty, Dollface Dagger, Jezabelle Von Jane, Munroe Lilly, Nyx Nocturne, and Regina Stargazer/Cream Victoria

For every graceful gazelle in burlesque, there is an absolute klutz. These performers ride that line hard – so hard, and in five inch heels a lot of the time.

These performers show that it's ok to fall down, get up, look sick'ning, and make them eat it.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Anja Keister, Dick Move, Esmerelda May, Fem Appeal, Holly Ween, and Regina Stargazer/Cream Victoria


Sometimes in burlesque, a sequin gown cannot say it all. Sometimes, for the proper burlesque theatrical experience, you need to add a chair. Maybe two chairs. And a cardboard cut out. And a tarp.

Because there will be fake blood. And maple syrup. And glitter. Dear God.

These performers go the extra mile. Genius, yes. Mad geniuses, all. We adore them for their theatricality, their full bodied experience, and invitation to us to have it all in living color – and sometimes Smell-o-Rama.

But in empathy for our setup and cleanup crew, we refer to them – lovingly – as a Stage Kitten's Nightmare.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Holly Ween, Matt Knife, Mister Rawunchy, Regina Stargazer/Cream Victoria, and Vivi Noir

The names included are those in our industry that we have deemed filthy. Dirrty. Nasty. Sleazy.

And we love them for it. The best bumps and grinds – the best gyration and scintillation— the Best Sleaze of the Tease.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Apathy Angel, Lucky Charming, MF Akynos, MiscAllaneous DomTop, Taylor Sweet, and Velvet Kensington

For many of us, artists come from a place where we need to be wanted, to be desired, and to be understood. Some of us come from homes that we feel welcome to re-enter at any time, and others we dread to, and still others where we simply cannot.

In our industry, there are leaders who take on the mantle of parent – they are there behind the curtain, with a band-aid, eyelash glue, pastie tape, and a shoulder to lean on.

To all of those nominated tonight for this category, we say thank you for being our Backstage Mom.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Crimson Kitty, Esmerelda May, Jezabelle Von Jane, Matt Knife, and Vivi Noir

We are here to discuss an epidemic in our industry. Symptoms include a semi-translucent shine on the skin. A distinctive glow when exposed to light. A gritty sensation when rubbed. A feeling of being utterly, utterly fabulous.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Apathy Angel, Broody Valentino, Divina GranSparkle, Esmerelda May, Kita St. Cyr, and Sweet Lorraine

If you ask any burlesque performer who the most important person is in a burlesque show, they will say "I am." :D

However, when pressed, they will grudgingly admit that without this next category, all shows would come to a screeching halt.

Someone has to set the chair, pick up the clothes, grab the fans, run downstairs when someone forgets something, cue the DJ, collect the tips, zip the zippers, hold the raffle bags, glaze the ham, knit the sweaters, wash the dishes, and shovel the roads.

Tonight, we honor all of these dedicated unsung heroes. They are known by many names: pick up artist. Stage kitten. Stage panther. Stagehand. You there, help me into this dress please! Tonight we call them Master of the Sweep.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Dick Jones, Ellie Favola, Holly Ween, Oliver Swisskey, Raina Bow, and Seedy Edie

We are here to recognize the flesh. The nude. The body. These performers have become known for their physique just as much as they are known for their great performances.

Whether they are tits out on stage or ass out in the audience, they are all our choices for Best Undressed.

We're not objectifying; we're appreciating.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Apathy Angel, Broody Valentino, Bunny Buxom, Munroe Lilly, and Rify Royalty

We are here to recognize the fashionistas. The avant garde. The stylish. These performers have become known for their fashion just as much as they known for their great performances.

Whether they are dazzling on stage or lovingly stealing focus in the audience, they are all our choices for Best Dressed List.

However one must be acknowledged for their consistent dedication to looking so damn good.

Who wore it better? They did.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Apathy Angel, Clara Coquette, Esmerelda May, K.James, Mika Romantic, and Sweet Lorraine

For Viktor's Best Friend Race, the list is impossible to narrow down. Even forcibly narrowed down by popular vote (thanks, people, for taking it out of Viktor's hand), it is impossible.

These individuals are major supporters of White Elephant Burlesque at RockBar, and are some of the most gracious, charming people to share company with on stage or off. It's a lovefest, and it's downright nauseating!

The true winners, of course, are Viktor Devonne, who counts these folk as his friends -- and anyone who shares a dressing room or a cocktail with them. Thank you for being with us.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Hazel Tart, Lulu Limoncella, Lux LaCroix, Tucker Bowles, Vigor Mortis, Zelma Zelma

These are performers we wish to acknowledge for thinking outside the box. We are unsure what box that is. These burlesquers have set the box on fire.

Choosing references that may be deemed obscure, unusual, or simply ill-advised, we are hailing them as heroes – even if we're not altogether sure we get it.

These individuals have embiggened their burlesque with their cromulent performances.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Anja Keister, Fem Appeal, Lewd Alfred Douglas, Matt Knife, Nyx Nocturne, and Triple Jay

Presenting the Most Darksided: these performers incorporate the occult, darkness -- and yet light, the witch, and/or the demonic – all for our pleasure.

For them, every day is Halloween, and every performance an opportunity to host a séance.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Beelzebabe, Holly Ween, Johnny Panic, Lee Valone, and Matt Knife

For many people who aren't here tonight, when they hear the word "burlesque," they may think of any number of things: movies both getting it right... and not so right... and a red carpet/talk show main-stay entrepreneur.

These performers, while we have no doubt, could handle their own on The Today Show in a corset or being flanked in ads for Fredericks of Hollywoof, seem to have more on their minds than that of the traditional glitz associated with Ms. Von Teese and look to push boundaries and buttons.

These performers get dirty, get raunchy, and get WEIRD; they are our Most Alternative--and Proud of It.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Carriage Return, Dick Jones, Holly Ween, Matt Knife, MiscAllaneous DomTop, and Nyx Nocturne

In burlesque, it is redundant to yell out "Take it off." We're getting there. The song we're performing to is five minutes. We're two minutes in. Slow your roll.

However, by the five minute mark, and for some decidedly sooner, we are usually treated to the barest of the bodies. The performers in this category have become prolific in just how far they're willing to go. In fact, they just don't fuss about what to wear when the best option is: nothing at all. (nothing at all... nothing at all...)

All the love to our deserving nominees: Apathy Angel, Broody Valentino, Bunny Buxom, Lucky Charming, Munroe Lilly, and Vivi Noir

Making them laugh in burlesque, or arousing lust in the audience, are the cornerstones in the post-vaudeville strip. Legends have been giving us the giggles for decades.

A special few are also able to fuse true pathos into their craft, making us feel enthralled to cry along with them. These performers named, have been deemed the most dramatic on stage. They have incorporated the same wit and storytelling we've come to expect from the best in our field, and made us feel so good about feeling so bad.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Bella La Blanc, Faux Pas le Fae, Lewd Alfred Douglas, Matt Knife, and Zelma Zelma

English actor Edmund Kean is attributed to saying "Dying is easy. Comedy is hard." indeed, these nominees for Class Clown, or Goofiest Goofball, have been slaying us with laughs guffaws.

Knocking us dead with wit, facial expression, costume, body language, and soundtrack, these are the winners for Class Clown.

All the love to our deserving nominees: The Amazing Brettzo, Dick Move, Dolly Shot, Iris Explosion, and Oliver Swisskey


Burlesque, as an art form, was always about social commentary. From its earliest instances, comedy and tragedy cannot resonate with the audience if they do not draw from the state of the world.

These performers have fearlessly taken on racism, homophobia, transphobia, fat and body shaming, misogyny, online terrorism, and beyond in their art and in their being.

In this category, it is important to recognize that while the Silver Tusk is being presented to an individual, these performers and many performers not mentioned tonight, are an integral part of our society, of our stages, and of our nation.

Instead of merely a recognized "winner" for this category, we choose to honor an ambassador who is at the forefront of shining a light on injustice and fear: the Most Woke Stripper Activist.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Bronze Bettina, Faux Pas le Fae, Lewd Alfred Douglas, Lillian Bustle, MF Akynos, and Velvet Kensington

As we celebrate performers tonight, many of them travel in from all over New York City, New Jersey, and surrounding states.

However, SOME trek in from considerable distances, bringing suitcase after suitcase of shit they're just gonna take off.

The following nominees hail from Philadelphia, Easton, Virginia, Los Angeles, and Montreal – to them, we say: move here.

Two of them have just left New York in 2016 to live in Boston and in New Orleans. To them we say: move back!

All the love to our deserving nominees: The Amazing Brettzo, Bella la Blanc, Dick Jones, Jezabelle Von Jane, Lux LaCroix, and Sucre a la Creme

White Elephant Burlesque has been at RockBar NYC for 2 years as of tonight.

In its 100 shows here, it has featured talent from all over the United States and Canada, incorporating neo-burlesque, classic, nerdlesque, the fucked up, the weird, the glamorous, and the provocative.

Tonight at the silver tusk awards, we recognize those who have only graced this stage with one performance and those we hope to see more from. This is the Seymour Award.

All the love to our deserving nominees: Brief Sweat, Jane Doe, Magdalena Fox, MasoKiss, Virus the Clown, and Xander Lovecraft

Hosted by: Viktor Devonne

Miss Silver Tusk: Aurora North

Performers: • Lucky Charming • Broody Valentino • Holly Ween • Ellie Favola • Esmerelda May • Petra Fried • Viktor Devonne • Cream Victoria • Jeez Loueez

Presenters: • Essence Revealed • Ginger Twist • Florence D'Lee • Lulu Limoncella • Vigor Mortis • Cherry Valentine • Carriage Return • Regal Mortis • Precious Envy • GoGo Gadget • Kheaven Jesus • Minnie Crisis • Seedy Edie • Ms. Suki • Amuse Bouche • Falana Fox • Catrina Lovelace • Kita St. Cyr • Spiced Cider • Vera Safire • Sweet n' Lo • Satine S'Allumer • Celia Foxglove • Tiny D • Viva Vidalia • Leia Les Collines • Little Miss Rollerhoops • Kevin Klash • Dolly Body • Sarah Tops • Jizzabella • Sparky Dacron • Stormy Leather

January 11, 2017

Petra Fried opens at 7pm | WEBurlesque at 8:30pm
"Hump" Underwear After Party to Follow

RockBar NYC
185 Christopher St

Drinks: Jason, Joey, Patrick | Music: TatMatt