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The idea has always been fun...

The idea has always been fun... The idea has always been fun but also with a sense of seriousness. If we accept celebrity honors and the enthusiasm behind those award shows (which I support; I find the folk who complain about celebrities patting themselves on the back to be dull AF), it was important to me to create a sense of humor about the accolades but also a sense of pride.

It is a popularity contest of course, but I find usually the outcomes make perfect sense. We deserve to feel good about the work we do, celebrate our friends who are also doing good work, and goes a long way towards “then let’s keep dancing, break out the booze, and have a ball.” Let’s just go ahead while the world is on fire.

It’s no coincidence these began in the shadow of the administration they did. And it’s fitting that our digital outing begins on Inauguration Day.

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