Cream Victoria

Cream Victoria
2019 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  nominee: Lip Sync Assassin
 •  nominee: Makeup Maven

2018 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  nominee: The Many Faced God/Meryl Streep Award
 •  nominee: The Great Showstopper
 •  nominee: Fiercest Face
 •  nominee: The Gamechanger

2017 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  honoree: Life Sentence Award
 •  nominee: Fall Risk
 •  nominee: Stage Kitten's Nightmare
 •  nominee: Rising Star
 •  nominee: Best Mug
 •  nominee: Mix Tape Diva

Miss RockBar 2017

 •  participant: top 6/finals

Miss Bio-WERRRK Pageant 2016

 •  participant

Just when we thought perhaps Regina Stargazer was out of personalities, this glamazon appeared unexpectedly on the Internet in 2016.

With a big, blue hair, a tiara, and signature tacky-elegance style, Cream Victoria came out of the box life size. A drag queen, with killer lip sync, Cream eschews the terms "faux-queen," and "bio-queen" as antiquated and inadequate. She accepts "LadyQueen," under the heading and tutelage of one of her drag mentors, Crimson Kitty, as a female-indentifying drag superstar.

Cream Victoria has performed on the stages of Stonewall Inn, Boots and Saddle NYC, Coney Island USA, and with drag/burlesque collective Switch n' Play, and for Lillian Bustle's Speakeasy Burlesque. She was the only cisgender woman to participate in the Miss RockBar drag competition, and made it to the finals as top 6 out of 20 participants.

Cream Victoria brought the house down at WEBurlesque's first Tom Waits For No One show in June 2016, which was (for many) their formal introduction to her runway-ready stage stomp. She cemented the deal with several other performances, including showstoppers like her Rocky Horror "Lips"-sync and her Forbidden Zone/Ursula inspired mash-up.

Her brother/lover/other Jayson Mustachio shared her body during an epic collaborative lip sync at the Miss RockBar finals, at BEEF! in Brooklyn, and again at the Silver Tusk Awards.

Cream Victoria conceived and wrote her first one-woman show that tracked her story thus far, aptly called Timeless. Expected to run for 1 Night Only at RockBar, it was brought back for a hotly requested repeat performance. She has also regularly guest performed with Petra Fried her Wednesday night show at Rockbar, and is a monthly guest of RockBar's Friday night Miss Runner-Up with Florence D'Lee and Viva Vidalia.

Cream Victoria headlined her own show on Wednesdays for the months of April and May 2017, before the White Elephant Burlesque show.