Miss Cherry Delight

Miss Cherry Delight
Equal parts poison flower and sugar dumpling, Miss Cherry Delight is a dear friend.

Once a queen, always a queen, Miss Cherry Delight took the title of Miss Coney Island in 2013. A songstress, makeup artist, and actress, she can be seen in the corners of Brooklyn, on lavish stages, languidly lying on an art studio's platform, and potentially conquering the world.

Miss Cherry Delight's first WEBurlesque production was Viktor Devonne's co-show with Plucky Charms, the all-Siouxsie and the Banshees show, where Cherry hosted and sang some Siouxsie on her uke. Cherry hosted again with WEBurlesque in 2015 for their first RockBar NYC Valentine's Day show.

She hosts her own series of shows, Miss Cherry Delight's Cherry Melodies, and can regularly be spotted at some WEBurlesque's favorite shows.