Dublin O'Shea

Dublin O'Shea
photographed by Michael Ulrich
Dublin O'Shea began work with White Elephant Burlesque in 2010, originating Tweedledee (or was it Tweedledum?) in their first Alice in Wonderland themed show, WNDRLND CRNVL

During his time with WEBurlesque (2010-2014), he performed in more than 25 shows.

Notable roles within White Elephant Burlesque's cornerstone thematic burlesque shows, include the ghost hunter in The Dead Sexy Hotel, the cop on the take in the original Speakeasy show, and the leading role of William Shakespeare in Shakspeare's Nightmare.

He retired from burlesque in December 2014, but performs regularly in other theatrical pursuits, including the New York Renaissance Faire.