MiscAllaneous DomTop

MiscAllaneous DomTop
2020 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  nominee: The Rockstar
 •  nominee: Strangest Thing
 •  nominee: Sexy M.F.

2019 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  winner: Smut Specialist
 •  nominee: Creepy Creature Cutie
 •  nominee: Best Wardrobe
 •  nominee: Grandmaster of Grandeur

2018 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  winner: Master of the Macabre (w/ Seedy Edie)
 •  nominee: Keeper of the Sacrilicious
 •  nominee: The Bump & Grinder
 •  nominee: The Gamechanger
 •  nominee: The Tina Belcher Award for Most Appreciated Butt
 •  nominee: The Great Showstopper

2017 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  winner: Most Darksided (shared w/ Nyx Nocturne)
 •  Best Sleaze of the Tease
 •  Least Like Dita

MiscAllaneous DomTop is one of those graceful, athletic, electrifying performers that has ever graced a WEBurlesque show. WE is proud to say we gave them their first stage time, which they took over with such forceful, kinetic energy, WE haven't been able to slow our heart rate ever since.

WEBurlesque has worked with MiscAllaneous DomTop a number of times, and will continue too. They have also been on the stages of Straight Acting in Brooklyn, Hypergender Burlesque in New York, Switch n' Play drag and burlesque, Shades of Burlesque, and Homo Erectus Boylesque NYC.

A professional dominatrix and fixture of the new Brooklyn nightlife scene, this is one erotic awakening you'll never sleep on.