Quorra Vahn Tassels

Quorra  Vahn Tassels
so the story goes...

Quorra Vahn Tassels is a member of the Greenburgh Vahn Tasselles, of West Chester County, New York. Born Cora Vahn Tasselle, youngest of three, and the only daughter, in her immediate family.

Because she was raised in a family of tradition and prestige, her father naturally doted more on her two elder brothers than he ever bestowed upon her...so Quorra had a tendency to act out. She was sent to an all girls reform school when she turned 7, and remained in reform and charter schools until she was 18. She had quite a reputation in her teenage years at school...she was sarcastic, coquettish, and made a signature of keeping her hair short enough so that she could often play up an androgynous role...sometimes trading in her skirts and blouses for suspenders and a pair of trousers she made from old school skirt material.

Needless to say, this behavior got her the attention from her father she'd craved when she was younger...though it wasn't the nurturing, adoring type of attention she'd wanted. After countless phone calls and counsel meetings with professors and principals, Quorra's father informed her that as soon as she finished her schooling, she would be cut off from the Vahn Tasselle family...unless her behavior changed.

Well, wanting to take full advantage of the situation, Quorra kept relatively quiet and composed for her last year of school to get the full extent of her education. Then, after graduating and convincing her parents that she'd changed, she left. She did what any teenager on their own did...she cut all ties from her past and headed to the next big thing...and the next big thing for Quorra was New York City.

It was after some many years in New York City (Many years taking odd jobs and sleeping/bathing whenever and wherever she was able) before Quorra met with some of the fine folks of the White Elephant Burlesque Society after getting to be an usher-of-sorts and audience member to one of their shows. Yes, her father had made good on his word that "If she left, that not only would she not be welcomed back, but that she would never know any of the luxuries that the Vahn Tasselle's name could have given her". And she was fine with that...because she intended to make the "Vahn Tassel" name all her own, and have a whole new meaning that went with it.

Quorra is a fan of being quirky and funny with her performances, and can fluctuate from being cute and silly, to charming and gentlemanly, to sultry and dark. It all depends on her mood. Life has taught her to be versatile, and to laugh with the sinners rather than cry with the saints...and so, she does.