Velocity Chyaldd

Velocity Chyaldd
photographed by Atticus Stevenson
2018 Silver Tusk Awards
 •  honoree: The Mentor Award
 •  nominee: Fiercest Face
 •  nominee: Chanteuse Supreme

The spectacular Velocity Chyaldd brings drama, beauty, and high voltage production to the stage.

A beautiful vocalist, actress, and host of her own radio show Fallen Woman, Velocity Chyaldd is a beautiful renegade and has been an underground darling of burlesque since the 90s, equally at home in marabou as she is in leather and spikes and fake blood. A cross between Marilyn Monroe and Wendy O. Williams, Velocity is a fearless presenter of feminist and progressive strip.

She is the legendary producer of the recently dearly departed neo-burlesque and performance show art Bad Ass Burlesque, which has spanned hotspots like The Slipper Room, Celebration of Whimsy, The Cutting Room, and Coney Island, amongst others.

Velocity has performed at White Elephant Burlesque with some of her most acclaimed performance art pieces -- but you can find her all over New York, including venues like The Box that permit the "full" experience, which involves a whole lot of glorious splatter and often a observance of the full nude body!