Silver Tusk Awards: All-Stars

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short version: in true "All Stars" fashion, this one is about the deserved but as yet unawarded.

Performers from the last six years go head to head to join the champions of their categories. Everyone still qualifies for the Digital Getdown categories.

Silver Tusk Awards: All-Stars
Jack Barrow
2020 Entertainer of the Year
As is tradition in January, White Elephant Burlesque is hosting their first virtual edition of The Silver Tusk Awards. While these awards have always been a major point in the calendar at Rockbar NYC, this time WE'll be doing something a little different.

In an expectedly facetious turn of events, Viktor Devonne has deemed this year to be that of the Do-Over. With nearly 300 individual performers that have graced our stages from convention ballrooms to dive bar floors, White Elephant Burlesque is toasting the nearly-nominated for the bulk of this year's entries.

But whatever does this mean? Thank you for asking. While there is a section dedicated to those dedicated to the strip while we switched to online formats for the majority of 2020 known as the Digital Getdown, there have been approximately twenty major categories that we have always screened for at the Silver Tusk Awards and we're recognizing the champions of those categories from the last 4 years to identify the Supreme Champion, and gracing a New Challenger to the fold to stand by their side as the latest addition to the club. Basically, winners have been sprawled across their accomplished category equivalents, and those who have yet to be nominated are now the only ones to

You will vote the New Challengers now, from December 1st to December 15th to determine our nominees. You will then vote for your Champion and final New Challengers from December 16th to the New Year, with the winners announced in the digital award show in January (proper date TBA). Oh, and everyone (previous winners and all) qualify for the Digital Getdown categories.

Needlessly complicated? Probably!

Digital Getdown

(The Online Players)

Six categories that celebrate what seemed unobtainable in 2020: showmanship, energy, motivation, and success!

Web Cam Vixen: Best Online Performer ... they're not just doin' the online shows; they're killing it.

HashtagExpert: Best Online Marketing ... you're just seeing them everywhere and you're delighted!

Zoomologist: Best Online Production ... the skill level is extraordinary.

Only Fawns: Best Content Provider ... gimme more!

Funkiest Tweeter: Best in the Written Word ... they're funny, thoughtful, doing the work as only 280 characters can.

Scorsese of the Small Screen: Best Direction ... they're basically making films at this point.

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The Altruist

(Achievement in Congeniality / Kindness / Generosity)

In the cutthroat world of show business, these are the folks you want in your corner. Fortunately for us, they're usually already there. These are the names someone says in conversation and "Oh, I love them," is chirped immediately.

Your new challengers:
• Baron Atomy • Betty Brash • Dick Jones
• Jo Boobs • Lady Mabuhay • Ms. Trixie Delight

Your champions:
• Stormageddon – The Peacekeeper 2020
• Jack Barrow – The Nicest Kid in Town 2019
• Atticus Stevenson – The Sweetheart 2018
• Lillian Bustle – Viktor’s Best Friend Race 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

The Belter

(Achievement in Live Vocal and/or Lip Sync Performance)

It's from the diaphragm, either way.

Your new challengers:
• Beau Britches • Ellie Favola • Lydia Vengeance
• Miss Cherry Delight • Sweet N Lo • Viva Vidalia

Your champions:
• Vic Sin – Lip Sync Assassin 2019
• Petra Fried – Chanteuse Supreme 2018
• Hazel Tart – Mix Tape Diva 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

Black Phillip Award

(Achievement in Occult and Darksided Burlesque)

A cornerstone of WEBurlesque is our commitment to the ooky-spooky, whether it's flat out horror, witchcraft or occult centric, or makes us feel somewhat closer to Ol' Scratch than we did 5 minutes before. The nominees you will choose will stand side by side some of our greatest magical bodies on our goals to form a perfect coven.

Your new challengers:
• Amoxie Villain • Beelzebabe • Caza Blanca
• Miss Cherry Delight • Noctua • Veronica Viper

Your champions:
• C’etait BonTemps – Strangest Thing 2020
• Seedy Edie – Master of the Macabre 2018
• MiscAllaneous DomTop – Master of the Macabre 2018, Most Darksided 2017
• Nyx Nocturne – Keeper of the Sacrilicious 2018, Most Darksided 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

Clothes Horse Triple Crown

(Achievement in Wardrobe / Dressing / Costume Design)

Over the years, WE has showcased runways of fabulous fits of fashions, from the reconstructed, deconstructed, reinvented, exquisite vintage taste, and monstrous commitment to The Look. The nominees you choose for this year are alongside these permanent additions to the Hot List.

Your champions:
• Broody Valentino – Sharp Dressed Stripper 2018, Best Dressed 2017
• Clara Coquette – Sharp Dressed Stripper 2018
• Rita N. Wink – Dressed For Success 2020
• Holly Ween – Best Wardrobe 2019

Who will join them? —vote it out

Extravaganza in One

(Achievement in Spectacle)

These are the eyepoppers; they make the show seem that much more impressive in scale. The nominees you choose alongside them will make one hell of a Broadway revue.

Your champions:
• Mary Cyn – Theatre Majeure 2020
• Lewd Alfred Douglas – Theatre Majeure 2020, Most Epic 2017
• Holly Ween – Grandmaster of Grandeur 2019
• Broody Valentino – Grandmaster of Grandeur 2019
• The Brides of the Burlesque – The Great Showstopper 2018

Who will join them? —vote it out

Father Figure

(Achievement in Nurturing)

We acknowledge those that take the time to be a caretaker in burlesque spaces, whether through mentorship, assistance, or the one who always has a Band-Aid. This category already takes into account foreparents in the scene who through guidance, have shown us the way.

As with all our distinctions, this category is nongendered.

Your champions:
• Fem Appeal – Trailblazer 2020
• Tigger! – Trailblazer 2020, Foster Parent of Burlesque 2019
• Anja Keister – Backstage Mom 2017
• Holly Ween – Backstage Mom 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

The Heart Wrencher

(Achievement in Dramatics / Scope / Emotion)

These performers provide sentimental and pathos to the burlesque stage, weaving gloom into glamour.

Your champions:
• Faux Pas le Fae – The Emotional Rollercoaster 2019, Stage Kitten’s Nightmare 2017
• Lee VaLone – Dramatique Fantastique 2018
• Regina Stargazer – The Many Faced God/Meryl Streep 2018
• Iris Explosion – Saddest Stripper of Them All 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

The Hoofer

(Achievement in Dance Skill)

These slayers of choreography provide grace, movement, and power in their steps. Those nominees who join them in the ranks of our best shakers, we humbly request the closest approximation to a West Side Story rumble.

Your champions:
• Vic Sin – Twinkle Toes 2020
• Jack Barrow – Twinkle Toes 2020
• GoGo Gadget – Boogie Feet 2018
• Divina Gransparkle – Fall Risk 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

Hot AF

(Achievement in Presentation of Desirability and Allure)

The prickly nature of applauding physical attractiveness is one that we will continue to struggle with, whether its objectifying, fetishization, or downright creepy. For these purposes, we're just giving props.

Your champions:
• Jack Barrow – Heart Throbber 2020
• Twinky Boots – PEACHy Keen 2020
• Rex Halligan – Thirst Trapper Keeper 2019
• Qualms Galore – Thirst Trapper Keeper 2019
• Vonka – Tina Belcher Award for Most Appreciated Butt 2018, Best Undressed 2017
• Johnny Panic – Best Undressed 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

How Bizarre

(Achievement in Most Unusual)

Sometimes glamour comes dressed as a rubber chicken. These excellent purveyors of joy buzzing burlesque may be some of the most unusual parts of the strip show, but they've proven to be some of our most essential workers.

Your champions:
• Dick Move – The Rubberface 2020
• Oliver Swisskey – Most Marvelous Muppet 2020
• Muscles Monty – Creepy Creature Cutie 2019
• Fem Appeal – Unconventional Conventionist 2018, Least Like Dita 2017
• Tiger Bay – The Chameleon 2019

Who will join them? —vote it out

The Humanitarian

(Achievement in Political / Social Conscious Art / Activism)

These folks use their bodies and voices for greater forces, from outside political action to on-stage performance art that addresses their activism. We thank them for fighting the good fight.

Your champions:
  Miss AuroraBoobRealis – Best Political Figure 2020
  Lillian Bustle – The Protest Stripper 2019
  Bunny Buxom – The Resister 2018
  Tucker Bowles – The Resister 2018
  Essence Revealed – Social Justice Burlesquer 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

Kitten MVP

(Achievement in Stagehandiness)

Admittedly an oft-overlooked position over the years, we are hoping to reward a stagehand with their due accolade to match their pushbroom. Put them all together, you'll have a show that won't only run smoothly, but a crew that looks hot while doing it.

Your champions:
• Falana Fox – Quality Kitten 2020
• Triple Jay – Master of the Sweep 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

Most Put Together

(Achievement in Hair Construction / Styling / Cosmetic Perfection)

I think we've all learned a little something about effort this year. These folks go the extra mile and beyond to capture the zenith of presentation. And we have to assume they also look fabulous in pajama pants and morning hair, too.

Your champions:
• Frankie Eleanor – Glam Master 2020
• Sweet Lorraine – Hair Magnifique 2019
• Anja Keister – Makeup Maven 2019
• Petra Fried – Best Mug 2017
• Vivi Noir – Glitter Bombshell 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

Pop Culturalist

(Achievement in Fandom Burlesque)

The entertainers that join our champions are probably gonna beat you in trivia. Our fandoms are many and varied, and while few are masters all of all, these enthusiasts have strong opinions on their own, and delight to express them via the tease.

Your champions:
• Petite Renard – The Sexy Nerd 2019
• Anja Keister - Geek of All Media 2018
• Fem Appeal – Geek of All Media 2018
• Holly Ween – Perfectly Cromulent 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

Princex Charming

(Achievement in Charisma)

These folks could dazzle the pants off themselves. It's all well and good to construct an outfit, wear it with impunity, and hit one's marks; it's another to not only do all that but to successfully conjure that elusive quality: stage presence.

Your champions:
• God Complex – The Rockstar 2020
• Kita St. Cyr – The Provocateur 2019
• Munroe Lilly – The Provocateur 2019, Strongest Selfie Game 2019
• Esmerelda May - Strongest Selfie Game 2019
• Poison Ivory – The (I Wanna) See-More Award 2017
• Lucky Charming – Favorite Out of Town Guest 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

The Punctilio

(Achievement in Ingenuity / Originality / Freshness / Attention to Detail)

These performers are the music makers, and the dreamers of dreams; bringing to the stage qualities underrepresented, they are often the surprise hit of the year. WE looks forward to who may be joining them.

Your champions:
• Doll Body – Versatile Visionary 2020
• Broody Valentino – The Perfect Perfectionist 2020, Rising Star 2017
• Vera Safire – Favorite Newcomer 2020
• Uncle Freak – Favorite Newcomer 2020
• God Complex – The Next Big Thing 2019
• Lee VaLone – The Gamechanger 2018

Who will join them? —vote it out

Seriously Funny

(Achievement in Comedy)

What is the secret of th—timing—eir success?

Your champions:
• Fem Appeal – Most Utterly Ridiculous 2019, Class Clown 2017
• Tiger Bay – Comic Genius 2018, Class Clown 2017
• Holly Ween – Comic Genius 2018

Who will join them? —vote it out

The Sex A’peeler

(Achievement in Raunch and Seduction)

These entertainers find it easiest to express themselves while writhing on the floor in faux-coital ecstasy. And we thank them for their service.

Your champions:
• MiscAllaneous DomTop – Smut Specialist 2019
• Apathy Angel – The Bump and Grinder 2018
• Munroe Lilly – Body For Sin 2018
• Esmerelda May – Sleaze of the Tease 2017
• Tigger! – Most Naked 2017

Who will join them? —vote it out

This is meant to be fun. Don't be a dick.
Folks to qualify as proto-nominees: you have to have performed with WEBurlesque in the last six years, not pissed Viktor off for whatever reason, and not have deleted all your social media as a performer to indicate you're still around in some capacity.) Think you were missed? Search your feelings to see what may be true, but if it seems egregious, message Viktor via the contact form and he'll check! He's an army of 1 these days so forgive him cuz 2020 was a mess and a half.